Why Should Anyone Still Wear a Cross?

Today it seems that jewelry is leaning more towards subtle and delicate jewelry. But a cross may not fall into that category anymore. A cross is an obvious symbol, making it a bit less subtle than some may prefer. On top of that, it can seem flashy. It is important to be a Christian, but to show it off with a cross necklace may seem unappealing. So why should anyone still wear a cross?

It is a personal symbol.

First off, wearing a cross is more of a personal symbol than anything else. Yes, others may see it and assume you are Christian, but wearing a cross is more about who is wearing it and why, rather than hoping for others to notice it. Wearing a cross is a personal symbol of righteousness and discipleship. It means that the wearer is committed to being a Christian, inside and outside.

It is a reminder of Jesus Christ.

Second, the cross is a reminder of the Atonement of Jesus Christ: that He died for us and we are saved through Him. Wearing a cross allows for a daily reminder of that thought. Thinking of something like that each day enables humility and respect for our Savior.

It allows us to stand for Him.

Lastly, if a cross is suddenly out-of-fashion, then that is all the more reason to wear it. Christ’s disciples in His time were not always the most popular. He himself was crucified by His people. Wearing a cross means to stand up for Him, especially when others are choosing not to.


Find your cross necklace today; one that fits you and your testimony.